Connecting supporters around the world with grassroots projects in Palestine.

Our Vision

BuildPalestine aims to empower grassroots problem-solving, where each person is able to take action and tackle problems faced in their local community. We take a bottom-up approach to development, where those closest to the problem are empowered to find an innovative, impactful solution for their community.

Our platform emphasizes transparency and tracing impact to create a sense of trust with supporters.


Projects take an innovative approach to solve social problems


Projects cannot support a specific religious or political group


Projects provide specific budget breakdown for use of funds


Projects are designed by the community,          for the community


Projects trace impact and sharing updates with supporters


Projects address systemic issues and move beyond relief

How it works: Crowdfunding with BuildPalestine

We believe in the power of crowdfunding to connect supporters around the world with trusted projects from the community.

Apply with a community project

We evaluate projects based on three criteria: impact, innovation, team.

Create a crowdfunding campaign

We provide training and -1on1- coaching to help projects launch a successful campaign.

Make an impact

We follow up with successful campaign and share updates to illustrate impact

Are you ready to run a crowdfunding campaign?

How it works: Crowdsolving with BuildPalestine

We believe in the power of crowdsolving, which brings the community together to tackle a specific problem, using human-centered design principles.

Research the problem

The key to a successful challenge is asking the right question

Identify implementing partner

Partners guarantee that winning solutions see the light and make an impact

Spread the word

Invite your target audience to a 2 day BUILD Challenge to develop a prototype

Are you ready to crowdsolve with your community?

Meet the Team

Besan Abu-Joudeh

Besan Abu-Joudeh

Chief Engagement Officer

Development economist. Believes in possibility.

Derrar Ghanem

Derrar Ghanem

Chief Outreach Officer

Socially schooled. Driven by equal opportunity.

Mahran Isamail

Mahran Isamail


Designer. Determined to leave a mark.

Lama Amr

Lama Amr

Campaign Manager

Mobilizes crowd. Enthusiastic by nature.

Advisory Board

Adnan Zulfiqar

Adnan Zulfiqar

is an attorney who is passionate about sustainable development and humanitarian relief. He regularly consults for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), International Development Law Organization (IDLO) and Urbane Development. Adnan is currently Senior Advisor at the Lodestone Advisory Group.

“I support Build Palestine because it empowers communities with tools to design and implement solutions based on their assessment of their own critical needs. Development is only sustainable and effective when it listens to those it wishes to uplift. That is the Build Palestine model. That is why I give them my time.”

Casey Asprooth-Jackson

Casey Asprooth-Jackson

is an educator and film maker from Rochester, NY. He teaches Media Studies at Al Quds Bard College, is an associate producer with Ramallah-based production company Idioms Film, and the program manager for Future Logic.

“Internationally, interest in and support for the Palestinian cause has reached new heights, but many who wish to support the struggle for liberation are unsure how to help. BuildPalestine provides a critical mechanism for identifying grassroots projects and matching them with a growing base of support, in order to address needs on the ground today.”

Fadi Quran

Fadi Quran

is a Senior Campaigner at Avaaz and a Popular Struggle community organizer. He previously served as UN Advocacy Officer with Al-Haq’s legal research and advocacy unit.

“Build Palestine is designed to connect millions of people from around the world to the struggle for a better and free Palestine. It is groundbreaking, and it is what’s needed to end the oppressive control over our people’s economy and politics.”

Jennifer Atala

Jennifer Atala

advises entrepreneurs, private businesses and associations in the Palestinian community in business development, B2B marketing, and strategy. Prior experience includes work with management consulting and software development firms, the International Finance Corporation, and USAID. She is an active yoga teacher, and is based between Ramallah and Haifa.

“Sustainable development begins with local communities taking ownership to identify and solve problems at their root cause. BuildPalestine enables the creation of innovative, grassroots solutions, while cultivating a network of committed diaspora and others to lend their support. The simultaneous work of community development, project vetting, and match-making is vital to Palestine’s growth, and I am excited to join this team in playing my part.”

Mahmoud Kittana

Mahmoud Kittana

is currently the Legal Aid and Human Rights Coordinator with the UNDP and a senior associate with ITTQAN Law Firm. Prior to that, he was a senior researcher at Birzeit University on the Karamah Project.

“Grassroots problem-solving in needed. BuildPalestine is simply doing this. The values of connecting, empowering, and building — through crowdfunding– makes BuildPalestine a great idea.”

Mohenad Itayim

Mohenad Itayim

is a “double-bottom line" investor at Sadara Ventures, a $30M fund investing in technology companies based in Palestine. Mohenad is an active and successful private equity, real estate and technology investor.

“BuildPalestine is a response by a new generation focused on a more collaborative form of blended value creation. At its core, BuildPalestine optimizes an existing ecosystem providing radical transparency and accountability for all stakeholders in delivering positive social, economic, and environmental outcomes on our path to a more sustainable future. I cannot think of a more meaningful endeavor to be a part of.”

Sam Bahour

Sam Bahour

is Managing Partner of Applied Information Management, , specializing in business development with a niche focus on the information technology sector and start-ups. He is also the Chairman of Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy.

“This funding platform is about much more than getting funds to worthy causes, it will also build community and much more. Looking forward to seeing the initial round of projects funded and many more projects listed in the days ahead. Onward and upward to a free Palestine.”

Sara Husseini

Sara Husseini

is a former governmental advisor specializing in strategic communications and international relations. She currently consults on a number of projects relating to Palestinian affairs.

“BuildPalestine is all about people taking ownership of their future, in a situation where almost every aspect of life is controlled. Connecting Palestinians with supporters around the world helps to solve problems and realize goals, while enabling others to see Palestine in all of its vibrant colors: the challenges and triumphs alike. BuildPalestine is a much-needed breath of fresh air. I’m in.”

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