From Palestine To Boston…Right to Movement

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Ramallah Palestine

From Palestine To Boston…Right to Movement

The Fastest Palestinian Marathon runner is qualified to run Boston Marathon 2018. We want to make Thaer’s dream come true! Support Tha’er to tell a different story Palestine through running!!


Thaer Shana’a will be the first Palestinian coming straight from the West Bank on the start line of the Boston Marathon 2018.

A member of the Right to Movement Palestine has qualified to Boston Marathon 2018. Right to Movement Palestine is a running campaign that uses running to highlight restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation on Palestinians movement as well as advocating for the right of every Palestinian women to move freely!


Boston Marathon is one of the most prestigious marathons and sports events globally. It is also a qualifying marathon and only certain runners qualify to run it. In 2016, Right to Movement Palestine participated with 10 runners in Chicago marathon leading one of our team runners; Tha’er Shana’a to finish the race at 2:59:56 minutes qualifying him for a start number at Boston marathon 2018. We are not sure how many Palestinians runners were able to run Boston marathon, indeed not to many, but through Thaer’s participation we will tell Palestine story like no other a way that will never be misunderstood, despite restriction on our movement as Palestinians, we made it to Boston marathon. A great positive story from Palestine!!




After participating in Chicago Marathon in 2016 and finishing the race in 2 hours and 59 minutes
he has qualified to Boston Marathon 2018.  He dreams of qualifying to Tokyo marathon in 2020
where qualification time is 2 hours 19 minutes. He has recently ran Chicago marathon 2017 and
finished in 2 hours 44 minutes.

The campaign will fund Thaer travel to Boston as well as his preparation cost which includes a trip to Dubai where he will run Dubai Half Marathon 2018. The cost is quite low concerning that we have secured accommodation in both Dubai and Boston with friends & family. The money will go directly towards flights. as well as transportation cost to Jordan, as we Palestinians do not own an airport
and our only access to the world is through Amman, Jordan.


Our nine running communities in Palestine will back up Thaer but we need your help to make this happen and raise the Palestinian flag at the start line of Boston Marathon, not sympathizing the cause but proving that we are normal as any other nation and with hard work we made it to the best marathon in the world.

Meet the team:

My name is George Zeidan, one of the co-founders for Right to Movement Palestine . It all started in 2012 in Palestine from an initiative of two Danish girls and myself. The purpose of the group is help people acquire basic human rights, the right to move. Our objective is to tell a different story about Palestine to the rest of the world and bring awareness to the lack of movement that we face every day from the Israeli occupation. In addition, we support women in the society to acquire their right to move as we are living in a male dominant society. Our method is running, to transmit our message to the whole world.

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