We want to record Palestinian Hip Hop songs

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Ramallah, Palestine Palestine

We want to record Palestinian Hip Hop songs

Whether you are passionate about hip-hop or a music and performing arts lover, or you would just like to help kids to develop and show their talents.

5EP (Elements of hip-hop and Palestine): is a non-profit organisation based out of Ramallah, Palestine.


What we do?

5EP contributes to the training of rappers, DJs, beat-boxers, graffiti artists, and break-dancers to help underprivileged youth in the conflict zone of Palestine to show their talent and also to develop them as musicians and hip-hop artists to give them more opportunities for themselves.We are trying to promote this campaign for us to try to raise some money in the awareness of the 5EP movement, and we would like to have (recording studio) with equipment to record performers, artists, music and help them develop themselves as musicians and artists, and also we would like to have them have this recording studio free of charge without any money so that any artist can learn how to structure songs and record them.


5EP is in the heart of the community, and has established community ties in Ramallah, and the surrounding areas of Palestine.
We would like to raise this money so that we can have music equipment and recording
equipment for the youth, to have something to do as an extracurricular activity in the underprivileged areas of Palestine.
We believe that it is very great for their character and promotes a good self-esteem, and
has a very productive and positive impacts with no political ties.
We are seeking to reach (5000$) for very minimal equipment needed just to get started,and
help these children who have nowhere to go and nothing to do.



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