General FAQs

What is BuildPalestine?
BuildPalestine is a crowdfunding platform for social impact projects.

What is crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is a means to fund a project by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. The internet is especially powerful tool for this, as it allows you to easily reach a global audience.

Why crowdfund?
Crowdfunding allows organizations to connect directly with new audiences and get them excited about a project. Crowdfunding works best when it raises funds for a specific use, by a given deadline, and when it shows people exactly how their money will make a difference.

Who funds projects?
Everyone! That is the beauty of crowdfunding.


FAQs for Supporters

What is the reward for funding projects?

Social impact. Once successfully funded, every project will follow up to share its impact with supporters. Some may also choose to offer creative rewards.

What happens if a campaign does not reach its fundraising goal?
BuildPalestine is an all-or-nothing fundraising platform. If the project doesn’t reach it’s goal, then none of the supporters are charged.

Do you have an unlimited number of projects on the site at the same time?
No. We limit the number of projects we have on the platform because this allows us to focus on making each campaign successful.

What kind of payments do you accept?
We accept credit and debit cards. All payments are processed by Stripe and fully secure.

Do you offer an offline payment solution?
We are currently working on facilitating offline payments through local partnerships.


FAQs for Problem-Solvers

What type of projects does BuildPalestine support?
BuildPalestine supports projects with a social impact on Palestinian communities. We focus on projects that address structural problems in society, not just relief efforts.

Can anyone upload a project?
All projects on the platform are vetted and must be associated with a registered organization.

How will BuildPalestine support my project?
If your project is accepted to the platform, we will work with you to design the crowdfunding campaign and outreach strategy.

If I do not meet my goal, do I receive the money pledged?
Projects that do not meet their goal do not receive any funds. The platform is all-or-nothing, which encourages organizations to set an achievable target for the specific resources needed to bring an idea to life.

Is there a limit to the amount I can raise?
Organizations can submit projects for up to $5,000 and must include a budget breakdown that specifies the use of the funds. Once a project is successful and shares its impact with donors, we encourage organizations to return to the platform and raise funds for new projects.

Is there a fee for using the platform?
It is free to submit a project, and a 5% fee is charged if your project successfully meets its goal. You will also be charged a fee by the payment processing provider. These fees allow us to help you meet your goal in a sustainable manner.

Why not use an existing platform such as Kickstarter or Launchgood?
We are more than just a platform. We are based in Palestine and engage directly with local organizations. We track impact and ensure transparency. BuildPalestine aspires to be the go-to platform when supporters around the world ask, “how can I support Palestine?”