Through a generous $12 million grant, the Republic of India established the Palestine Techno Park (PTP) project in 2016, which includes the development of a master plan and the building of 8000 square meters of office space that will be support the transition towards a knowledge-based economy..

The mission of PTP is: to be the location of choice to seed, grow and commercialize business opportunities by nurturing innovation-led programs across knowledge-based industries as well as developing synergies in the creative and technology clusters by nurturing leadership in collaborating with business, research partners, value chains stakeholders, and promoting innovative value propositions to end markets.



Crowdsolving with Techno Park

How does one accomplish such an ambitious mission? Through crowdsolving– BuildPalestine facilitated a crowdsolving workshop that used design thinking to directly engage the real experts– the people who will be spending 12 hours a day in coworking spaces.

The 4-hour design thinking workshop allowed the opportunity for co-creation. Ten startups participated and teams had the opportunity to directly design the co working space. The winners of the competition, Social Dice and Safarjal, each won 6 months of free office space!

“The workshop was fast paced, but effective!  The venue gave entrepreneurs a voice and an opportunity to contribute to the final look and feel of the Techno Park.”  -Nael Ramadan, Cofounder and CTO Social Dice

Why design thinking?

BuildPalestine believes that open-innovation and crowdsolving has the potential to not only increase community buy in, but also develop more innovative solutions that will ultimately help us build Palestine.


“This event proved that entrepreneurs and co-founders, once empowered with the right tools, are active participants in providing valuable input towards improving their ecosystem.”  Laith Kassis, Director of Palestine Techno Park

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