BuildPalestine, in partnership with MIT SOLVE, organizes solve-a-thon which aims to solve one of the world’s most challenging problems through open-innovation and partnership.

IMG_3960Sabri Saidam, Palestinian Minister of Education and Higher Education

Ramallah, Palestine- July 29, 2017

Participants tackled the challenge titled “Youth, Skills, and the Workforce of the Future: How can disadvantaged youth learn skills they need to prepare them for the workforce of the future and thrive in the 21st century?”

With youth unemployment in the West Bank and Gaza at 40% reaching 65% amongst young women, the global challenge presented by MIT is particularly relevant in Palestine.

Members of the private sector innovated alongside entrepreneurs, students, academics, and NGO professionals to develop a solution to this pressing challenge. The thirty (30) participants engaged in a human-centered design workshop to develop their solutions and teams submitted their solutions directly to MIT SOLVE, as part of the global competition.

IMG_1859Participants at Ramallah Solve-a-thon

The event promoted a general sense of ideation, creative design, and engagement amongst participants, encouraging thought leaders to design a solution that would be relevant for Palestine and beyond. The Atlassian Foundation is offering up to US $1 million to winning ideas from charities impacting disadvantaged youth worldwide.

In special attendance, Dr. Sabri Saidam Minister of Education and Higher Education of the Palestinian National Authority courteously gave his closing word at the event. BuildPalestine’s Chief Engagement Officer, Miss Besan Abu-Joudeh, added, “We wanted to take this challenge beyond the desks of policymakers and into the hands of entrepreneurs, with the hope of designing an effective solution for Palestine”. Lastly, Mr. Zaher Bassioni Leaders Organization’s Operations Manager, said, “We encourage such initiatives that tackle serious problems in Palestine at Leaders Organization and we hope to see the positive changes fostered by such entrepreneurs”.

As for the future, BuildPalestine said that their team will aim to continue hosting innovative and community driven events that encourage crowdsolving and open innovation, in partnership with local NGOs and the public sector, in addition to supporting local organizations to run crowdfunding campaigns.

IMG_1891Participants at Ramallah Solve-a-thon


Established in 2016, BuildPalestine is a social enterprise based in Ramallah, Palestine that aims to empower grassroots problem-solving.